A Few of My Funny Ferret Stories

Nov 26th, 2008 | By | Category: Behavior, News, Stories

Anyone who has a ferret (or ferrets) knows that there is nothing on TV that’s a better source of entertainment than watching ferret behavior. Here’s a few cute things our ferrets have done:

I was cleaning out some cabinets and whatnot in my apartment. As I was emptying everything, I was creating a stack of CDs I wanted to keep behind me. I wasn’t really looking as I laid them behind me, but when I did look, I thought to myself, “I know I had more than that there before!”. Thinking maybe I was wrong, I kept on. On second inspection a few minutes later, the pile was even smaller than last time and I had added several since then. I looked around and saw our female, Cali, coming out from under the couch. When I looked under there, she had a huge stash of CDs she had been silently removing from my pile to hers! That was my first experience of just how much of a thief a ferret really is!

The same ferret several years later, I found dragging all kinds of objects to a large pile she was creating. Some objects small, some large. I just watched to see what she was planning. After a short time, it became evident. She began climbing the objects and placing smaller objects on top of the larger ones. Eventually she had built a staircase to get herself up on top of my desk! It was amazing to watch her plan and execute this complex task. I kind of felt bad when I had to remove her from the desktop after all that work!

It’s even better when they work together to achieve a goal. We had a pair that became very inept at just that. On one occasion, they ran back and forth around the coffee table that had a can of Big Red soda on it. For some reason, Cali loved Big Red more than any other soft drink (so do I, so I can’t really blame her). She was determined. Before I could stop them, the male had managed to scoot the cloth on the table enough to knock over the drink so that Cali could be waiting underneath to lap up the beverage as it dripped off the table. Note: Ferrets and caffeine are a bad mix! She was pinging for hours after that! They pulled the same stunt with a bag of oreos once!

I’d love to hear your funny ferret stories! Leave your best one (or two) in the comments below!

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  1. My ferret has done some crazy things in the past as well.

    Ricky, my almost 2 year old ferret, loves to climb on top of things (especially to the top drawer of our dresser that contains the towels for the bathroom. It’s one of his favorite sleeping places). Well, one day I caught him drinking water out of the kitchen sink. I had no idea how he got up there, so I took him off the counter and placed him on the kitchen floor. Then I went around the corner, turned on the TV and pretended to watch it so Ricky didn’t know I was spying on him. After about 10 minutes of this fake TV watching, Ricky decided that he wanted another drink out of the kitchen sink. So, he opened up the cabinet that contained our pots and pans, and climbed on top of the pots and pans until he was at the very top of the inside cabinet where the bottom utility drawer is. He kicked the utility drawer open with his front paws, just enough for him to climb inside, and he went in. Once inside, he nudged the drawer open with his nose, and successfully climbed on top of the kitchen counter for his drink.

    I was stunned! I didn’t know that my little ball of fluff was so smart! Though there are now child locks on the cabinets so he can no longer do that, I still see him try every once in a while to get on top of the kitchen sink like he had in the past.

  2. Resourceful little creatures, eh?

  3. Ok, you asked for it.
    My husband likes to lay on the couch in his underware. My business of ferrets usually run at 10 ferrets. They have the run of the house & anything in the the house. Well, of course they check us out all the time. So while a ferret would be behind my husband on the couch, my husband would fart. The ferrets would shake their heads, seemed dazed for a few seconds, then off they went, not sticking around.
    We have had ferrets for some 20 years, so this has been going on forever. We always got a chuckle out of it.
    We had a ferret named Sassy for about seven years & she always lived up to her name. After many years of farts, she was climbing around my husband on the couch as usual. My husband farted, Sassy shook her head, grabbed hold of my husband’s offending testicles (balls)with her teeth & shook them. My husband came off the couch with a piercing scream & his eyes were bulging. Of course, my husband loves our ferrets as much as I & didn’t harm a hair on Sassy. Fortunately, it was a bite-shake-let go. Sassy had the funniest look on her, like the cat that swallowed the canary. I was laughing so much, tears started rolling down my face.
    Needless to say, my husband quit offending the ferret’s dignities with farting in their face. :)

  4. OMG! I almost peed in my pants a little with this one! That’s fantastic! Thanks for sending it in!

  5. That is so funny! I am at work, and I laughed so hard my computer screens blurred! Glad he is ok, but good for her for “putting her foot down” so to speak.

  6. My story can not top the one about the farts, but this one was priceless to us. We had 3 boys, Teddy (who we lost on Nov. 10, 2008 at the age of 8 or 9 yrs), Wiley who is 4 years & Roo is about 2 years now. Teddy was fostered, Wiley bought at the age of 16 weeks & Roo adopted at the age of 1. I had been bugging my husband for a baby ferret for 6 months, finally he said ok. So we brought Diva home on Oct. 27, 2008, she was about 6 weeks old. My husband turned 50 on Nov. 6th & we had a celebration for him on Saturday the 8th. I bought him a pumpkin cheesecake & a can of whipped cream to put on it. Well, Diva could smell the whip cream a mile away. Larry figured he would give Diva alittle taste of the whip cream since she was at his feet looking up at him wondering what it was she was smelling. Big mistake, after that she kept pestering him for more until he got fed up & put her on the floor. Well, didn’t she just turn around & climb up his pant leg, up his shirt & across his arm to the plate again. Well this went on for about 5 times & each time he put her back on the floor & each time she went up the exact same way. Believe it or not, Diva figured out a different way, she went up his leg, BUT instead of going up his shirt, she went up the arm of the chair, behind the back of his neck & all of a sudden you saw this ferret flying threw the air as she dove into his plate for her treasure. It was so funny watching this all take place & amazing that she didn’t land right on top of the cheesecake. Talk about determined though; when she doesn’t get her way, she makes a statement. I named her right,

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