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featuredimage The God of Mischief & How He Was Rescued

I received this wonderful story from Lene...enjoy! I got a phonecall from a friend of mine that they had found a ...

First Walk of the Season!

Saturn is doing really well on his leash! This is only his second time on it and he didn't fight ...

featuredimage Our new ferret rescue:

A friend found this poor ferret eating cat food on her porch and immediately contacted me. He was in poor ...

The Albino Ferret

The Albino Ferret The Albino Ferret By Lee Dobbins Ferrets come in several colors and the albino ferret is favored by many. ...

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General Nutritional Needs for Your Ferret

Your ferret is a carnivore. He needs a diet high in protein and fats. When searching for the perfect food for your beloved fuzzy, look for something that contains at least 30-35% protein and about 20% fat. The main ingredient (listed first on the bag ingredient list) should be a meat such as chicken or […]

Ferret Tricks – Video #4

Training video on ferret tricks.

Jaws Ferrets

Yes, the peanuts are safe and digestible!

Grooming Tip #2 – Bathing Your Ferret

You either like the smell of ferrets or you don’t. I love it. The scent is a musky one and even a descented ferret will have the musky smell. You may be tempted to bathe your ferret more often if you don’t particularly like the smell, but that will actually backfire on you because the […]